Rolls-Royce signed an MoU with MAN Energy Solutions to collaborate on mýa, the open asset and fleet management system.

This is Rolls-Royce’s latest move in exploring digital innovation through partnership and collaboration. The company aims to create a scalable system for commercial operations and this follows the launch earlier this year of Yocova, Rolls-Royce’s new data exchange and collaboration platform for the aviation sector.

Rolls-Royce power systems business unit chief executive Andreas Schell said “Using mýa technology, we will be able to provide data for our customers within a single platform. And we are very keen to move forward on this because we see it as a major milestone in our development. At the same time, this initiative can only take off if other suppliers and industry actors also decide to join up.”

MAN Energy Solutions head of digital and strategy Per Hansson said the platform’s goal is to reduce complexity for customers and other OEMs by simplifying the retrieval of relevant data from these solutions.

Rolls-Royce vice president of digital IT Jürgen Winterholler said Rolls-Royce’s fleet and asset management service will focus on delivering this service through the MTU Go! platform, by co-operating with mýa and added “We feel the day of technology vendors and manufacturers trying to lock customers into their proprietary digital platforms by holding data hostage is over.”

In February 2020, MAN Energy Solutions launched mýa, an open digital platform to enable OEM data to be integrated across the marine, power and energy industries.

Participating OEMs can access their digital assets via a single interface which integrates OEM data streams and enables a complete system view.

Foto: Rolls-Royce