Intertech Mechanical B.V. is completely independent private company existing for over 30 years which activities are connected with designing, manufacture, building and installation of following equipment on the basis of diesel and gas engines, such as:

  • Emergency power supply modules
  • CHP units
  • Containerised generator sets
  • Alternative energy solutions
  • Dual-fuel applications

In addition to the generator sets and cogeneration units Intertech Mechanical B.V. manufactures a wide array of other solutions. These products vary widely and cannot be put in one of two categories. Examples of these products are:

  • Installation of electric engines
  • Containerizing of fuel treatment units
  • Transformer and switchgear units
  • Firefighting systems
  • Decoking units for cleaning furnaces in refineries

Together with our subsidiary Elmon, that is fully specialized to design and build all required electrical components as controls and distribution, 75 skilled professionals are involved to deliver a high quality product. This quality is also secured through the fact that Intertech Mechanical B.V. and Elmon are both certified according to standards ISO 9001:2008.

Intertech Mechanical B.V. strives to meet all of our customers power & energy requirements. Our philosophy is to provide customized plug-and-play solutions in either loose building blocks, 20’ or 40’ ISO containers to keep the transportability of the product and site installation as simple as possible.

In our modern facilities, we have all necessary elements to design and build the products up to all your needs as:

  • Engineer computing division to design and calculate every technical solution
  • Construction workshop of 750 m2
  • Assembly workshop of 2000 m2
  • Over 30 tons lift capacity
  • Test zone for testing of diesel, gas, biogas and biodiesel generating installations up to 6 MW

Since our start in 1985 we have built over 100 MW of power generations solutions in all kind of applications. Some examples of deliveries are more than 20 CHP-units to Russia, 60 units of 1250kVa for a rental company, 50 CHP units for Danish farmers, the energy supply for broadcasting the Olympic Games, a couple of big biogas plants in Belgium and several prototypes for engine manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact us for any customized power or energy solution you need.