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‘Massale inzet op waterstof is noodzaak voor de haven’

Allard Castelein werkt zich ‘een slag in de rondte’ om zijn missie te laten slagen: de Rotterdamse haven ingrijpend veranderen en zo de uitstoot van CO2 flink verminderen. Maar Nederland

5 januari 2021|

Stena opts for third IMOIIMeMAX boosting methanol as a marine fuel

Proman Stena Bulk has finalised an agreement to build an additional vessel under its joint venture partnership. The methanol-fuelled Stena Prosperous will join the Stena ProPatria and the Stena ProMare

13 november 2020|

World’s first two-stroke, LPG-powered vessel converted for BW LPG

BW Gemini became the world’s first commercial vessel to be propelled by a two-stroke LPG dual-fuel engine, following its conversion at the Yui Lian Shipyard in Shenzen, China.

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6 november 2020|

Deere Adds Engines, Powertrain Electrification

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has recently announced updates in both its engine and powertrain component portfolios. The updates include the introduction of a brand-new 18.0 L diesel engine, coming

6 november 2020|

Oceanbird’s huge 80-meter sails reduce cargo shipping emissions by 90%

The idea of using sails to power a boat is not exactly a new one; indeed, the earliest known depiction of a ship under sail appears on a painted disc

25 september 2020|

Siemens Claims Hydrogen Power “First”

Siemens Energy, lead contractor for the construction of National Grid’s Viking Link interconnector project in Lincolnshire, England has installed a zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell to provide off grid power to

25 september 2020|

Honda Launches Bluetooth App For Generators

Honda Power Equipment, a business unit of American Honda Motor Co., Inc., has launched a new app designed to make using its portable generators easier and more convenient. The Honda

25 september 2020|

Download de nieuwe richtlijnen voor dieselmotoremissies

De overheid heeft ‘BasisInspectieModule (BIM) Blootstelling aan dieselmotoremissies (DME)’ geactualiseerd. De BIM is toepasbaar op werkzaamheden of arbeidsplaatsen waar werknemers worden blootgesteld aan DME.

> Download de BasisInspectieModule Blootstelling aan dieselmotoremissies

21 september 2020|

Volvo’s electric bus batteries to gain a second life in energy storage

As electric vehicles grow in popularity, automakers are paying more attention to what will become of the old batteries once they need replacing. We’ve seen the likes of Nissan and

21 september 2020|

Carnival Corp. Increases Ship Sales and Delays New Ship Deliveries

Carnival Corporation is accelerating the disposal of older cruise ships from its fleet as the world’s largest cruise company works to manage its business and prepare to return to service

21 september 2020|